Wake the Cat updated with 15 new levels

Can’t get enough of Wake the Cat? You’re about to get a whole lot more!

Fans and press alike have been enjoying waking this snoozing kitten since the game launched on the App Store last week. With the release of the latest update, there’s evening more opportunities to Wake the Cat.

You’ve conquered the hall, rummaged through the kitchen, played in the playroom, and dug through the storeroom. It’s time to go out and play in the yard.

The Yard, which features 15 new puzzles, will be open to players who’ve earned 140 stars from the game’s first 60 levels.

Some tweaks have also been added in the latest update to make the gameplay absolutely perfect.

See why everyone is smitten for this adorable kitten. Wake the Cat is available to download now from the App Store.