Tin Man Can Reviews take Flight

Last week’s release of Tin Can Man has generated quite the buzz with critics and we’ve rounded up our favourites.

“Tin Man Can is great on the eye, with each dimension offering different design and style… It’s hard to fault Tin Man Can.” – PixelBedlam, 8/10

“Tin Man Can combines great presentation with simple to grasp controls, and an excellent multiplayer mode.” – TouchGen, 4/5

“Tin Man Can’s charming graphics and soothing soundtrack work well to draw the player in, but it’s the amount of challenge and replayability overall that will likely keep them coming back for more.” – Games.com

“A fresh and really difficult look at the one-button runners… making you fight for the victory and feeling great when you achieve it.” – Bunch of Gamers, 4/5

“The diverse environments created in Tin Man Can are beautifully rendered, the upgrades are well thought out, and most importantly, the game play is solid as a rock. Wormholes shouldn’t be such a bad thing, especially if they lead to a world you really don’t want to leave.” – Arcade Sushi, 8/10

“Tin Man Can’s 60 levels offer a lot of bang for the buck, at least assuming you have the reflexes to make it through them all. It is definitely on the more challenging side of the mobile gaming world…but should you make it through, there is a satisfying mobile platformer to be had.” – Digital Spy

“If you like casual arcade games and are looking for a refreshing change from the typical App Store games, you should check this one out.” – PadGadget, 4.5/5

“Crisp graphics and addictive gameplay makes Tin Man Can a must buy title.” – iReviewT, B+

Do those reviews float your boat? Tin Man Can is available to download now from the App Store.