Chillingo announces Best of 2012 sale

Chillingo is announcing the start of its Best of 2012 sale taking place over the Christmas holidays.

Starting today, you’ll be able to download the best in Chillingo’s free games including the action-packed Storm the Train and super addictive word game Word Derby Free.

We’ve even dropped some of our biggest titles down to free including the likes of ORC: Vengeance and Commando Jack down to free.

Whether you’re unwrapping a new iOS device this Christmas or need some affordable gaming to see you into the new year, Chillingo has you covered.

Here’s a list of the games that will be available in our Best of 2012 sale:

  • ORC: Vengeance
  • Endless Road
  • Pony Trails
  • Sky Hero
  • Commando Jack
  • Spice Bandits
  • Storm The Train
  • Zooniverse
  • Super Knights
  • Critter Escape
  • Word Derby Free
  • Madcoaster
  • Pocket Festival
  • Air Vacation
  • The Last Driver

Visit Chillingo’s Daily Deals to get your hands on these these must-have games.