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Race illegal: High Speed 3D

Not content to be just another racer on the scene, Race illegal offers an unparalleled amount of gameplay modes and options in a gorgeous 3D package. From crashing to drifting to simply being the fastest racer on the street, why play other racing games when you can get them all in one?

Game Features
  • Lightning-fast 3D racing action.
  • Multiple race modes from an engaging campaign to drift events.
  • You decide how deep to customize your ride. Either dig under the hood and tune performance or just add decals.
  • Marvel at exquisite car models. These aren't rinky-dink wheels, but hardcore machines that eat asphalt for breakfast.
  • Incredible effects like real-time reflections, light blooms, and more bring Race illegal to life.
Press Quotes
"The level this game is at surpasses any other racing game on this platform."
— Clash Entertainment
"It's a solid racer thats a lot of fun to play.” "
— 148Apps
"A fantastic racing game that is beautifully adapted to the iOS environment."
— Touch Reviews
"If you’re a big arcade racer fan, definitely snag this."
— AppAdvice
"Race Illegal is very accessible and quite a fun racer..."
— GamEvolution