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This Could Hurt

Take the isometric view so common in strategy RPGs and mix it with spectacular levels focused on verticality, and you’ll get a hint of what this game is about. A platformer with one-touch controls? And endless runner focused on careful, deliberate moves? A gorgeous game that’s intuitive and offers exactly the right amount of challenge? It’s all of the above and much, much more.

Game Features
  • Four diverse worlds, from a snow-covered land to eerie ruins, add both visual and gameplay variety.
  • Easy, one-touch controls let players of all ages and skill levels take part in the adventure.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics and a unique isometric point of view make this game stand out from the rest.
  • Well-designed levels offer the perfect amount of difficulty, and make each level both fun and suspenseful.
  • Universal app that plays on both your iPad and iPhone.
Press Quotes
" is a well-executed auto-runner with some ingenious level designs and infectious visual style..."
— AppTudes
"This Could Hurt avoids the game play issues so many other apps have."
— Family Friendly Gaming, 88/100
"Like any good iOS game, it balances simple design with appropriate challenge and difficulty."
— BigRedBarrel, 4/5
"This Could Hurt features the perfect mix of skill and puzzle elements..."
— App Spy, 5/5
"It’s simple, addictive, and balances simple design with an increasing difficulty curve."
— Unbound Gamer, 95/100
"This Could Hurt does a whole lot with very little, and on the App Store, that's always impressive."
— TUAW, Daily iPhone App
"This is one of the better puzzle games that’s been realized on iOS in a while."
— 148Apps, 4.5/5
"Players who have a knack for games that require perfect timing will love this one..."
— Gamezebo
"I did not go into it expecting much, and I was thoroughly impressed with what they brought to the table."
— TouchGen, 4/5