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Sky Combat
Action, Arcade
Three vehicles, spectacular graphics, and some timeless arcade action make this game better than great — it's perfect.
Poker Pals
Board, Card
A new twist on the best card game ever? You bet, and it's crazier than you think. One hand and it will all make sense.
The Hero HD
Action, Arcade
Superhero games come and go, but this one is here for the long haul. Gorgeous crime-fighting fun that you're sure to love.
The Quest
Action, Role Playing
Curious to play a game that will make you rethink how deep and involving an RPG can be? Step right this way.
Arcade, Puzzle
If you're into games that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this is the one for you. It's impossible not to love.
Merchant Kingom
Adventure, Role Playing, Strategy
Combining real-world locations with a deep and addictive strategy game sounds like a future concept, but it's real.
Action, Arcade
An oldie but a goodie, this dual-stick shooter practically created the genre on iOS. See what all the fuss is about.
Helsing's Fire
Shine a light on Dracula and his wretched minions in this Gothic puzzler that’s dripping with style and humor.
iDracula - Undead Awakening
Action, Adventure
Dracula and his minions need ventilation and you’re just the monster hunter to do it. An iOS staple and must-play.
Rope Rescue
Action, Adventure, Puzzle
Some games are hard to understand until you play it yourself. This is one of them. All we can tell you is, it's amazing.
Do you like games that make you feel insanely smart when you beat a level? You want to play this game, then.
Taco Master
Arcade, Simulation
One craze that will never go away is tacos. Why? Because they're simple, delicious, and make for great games.
Candy Town
A town full of candy in the sky? A rocket ship? The outcome here is obvious. A sweet matching puzzler for all ages.
Anomaly Warzone Earth
Action, Strategy
Tower defense gets turned on its head in this insanely gorgeous game. Best graphics on iOS? Good chance of it.
Parking Mania
Racing, Simulation
Who knew parking could make for such a wild and addicting game? This is a true App Store classic through and through.