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Robbery Bob
Action, Arcade
Take a break from the action and get your stealth on in this throwback to the days of wacky cops and jolly robbers.
Lock 'n' Load
Action, Arcade
When a shooter looks, plays, and feels as good as this one does, the only option is to love, play, and cherish it. Killer.
Fleece Lightning
Arcade, Racing
Shaun the Sheep is back for a new adventure, and it is filled to the brim with classic Aardman charm and style.
Air  Vacation
Adventure, Simulation
Jaw-dropping airships that you custom design and build are the name of the game here. Insanely good game.
Action, Adventure
"Wowza!" That's the first thing you'll say when you get a look at this game in motion. Breathtakingly gorgeous.
Action, Arcade
Like the best games in history, this one has intuitive controls, charming characters, and jaw-dropping graphics. Amazing.
Rinth Island
Adventure, Puzzle
A remarkable new puzzler that has no peers, this game will show you things so wonderful you'll never forget them.
Streetbike: Full Blast HD
Arcade, Racing
Blazing 3D graphics, great controls, and an incredible sense of speed make this game an exhilarating experience.
Super Crossfire — Mac
Action, Arcade
If you think you've seen it all, think again. This shooter has looks to kill and gameplay that will drop your jaw.
Action, Arcade
A roller coaster ride that's anything but boring, this is one game that needs to be played to be believed. So fast.
Light the Flower
Arcade, Puzzle
Bright, humble, and charming, with a healthy dose of slick game moves. Jeremy Lin? No, silly, this game!
Picnic Wars
Action, Arcade
Fruits or vegetables — which is superior? This game lets you battle it out from both sides until a victor is declared.
Harry the Fairy
Adventure, Arcade
If you're looking for an unforgettable adventure with lots of heart and emotion, this is the perfect game for you.
Coco Loco
Arcade, Puzzle
It takes a very special kind of game to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. This one does it on so many levels.
Arcade, Puzzle
Calling this game smart, clever, and beautiful is almost a disservice to its sheer brilliance. So insanely good.