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Action, Adventure
A squad based side scroller. Comical costumes, weapons, enemies and great gameplay.
The Act
Adventure, Arcade
Unique, hilarious, and heartwarming. Help Edgar woo the girl of his dreams and rescue his brother in this interactive comedy.
Disco Kitten
Action, Arcade
Collect energy and avoid being zapped in this unique arcade game. Neon art style, disco beats, and addictive gameplay.
Eager Beaver
Help Edgar the industrious beaver build dams to stop the river flooding his village.
The BOP IT! SMASH experience in your pocket, an addictive, family-fun arcade smash it in the making. SMASH IT like you mean it.
Catapult King
Arcade, Puzzle
Beautiful and simple to play, this game will wow you with its graphics, but keep you hooked with its gameplay.
Tiny Troopers
Action, Arcade
How do you make a slick military shooter that looks incredible and plays wonderfully on touch screens? Like this.
Poker Pals
Board, Card
A new twist on the best card game ever? You bet, and it's crazier than you think. One hand and it will all make sense.
Dream Inn: Driftwood
Adventure, Puzzle
This game's a perfect example of how to make an adventure gripping, but also relaxing. Perfect for the casual player.
Tiny Plane
Action, Arcade
If you look up "simple and addicting" in a phrase dictionary, you'll find this game's polished mug. Impossible to put down!
Air Mail
Action, Adventure
Easiy one of the best-looking games we've ever seen, chances are you'll be using it to show off your iPad every day.
Non Flying Soldiers
Arcade, Puzzle
A game where you design an anti-obstacle courses for birds in the military? Sounds intriguing, plays amazing.
This Could Hurt
Adventure, Puzzle
Hard to explain yet so easy to play and understand, this is a game that you'll wish you thought of first. Uniquely awesome.
Robbery Bob
Action, Arcade
Take a break from the action and get your stealth on in this throwback to the days of wacky cops and jolly robbers.
Lock 'n' Load
Action, Arcade
When a shooter looks, plays, and feels as good as this one does, the only option is to love, play, and cherish it. Killer.