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Eager Beaver
Help Edgar the industrious beaver build dams to stop the river flooding his village.
Catapult King
Arcade, Puzzle
Beautiful and simple to play, this game will wow you with its graphics, but keep you hooked with its gameplay.
Dream Inn: Driftwood
Adventure, Puzzle
This game's a perfect example of how to make an adventure gripping, but also relaxing. Perfect for the casual player.
Non Flying Soldiers
Arcade, Puzzle
A game where you design an anti-obstacle courses for birds in the military? Sounds intriguing, plays amazing.
This Could Hurt
Adventure, Puzzle
Hard to explain yet so easy to play and understand, this is a game that you'll wish you thought of first. Uniquely awesome.
Rinth Island
Adventure, Puzzle
A remarkable new puzzler that has no peers, this game will show you things so wonderful you'll never forget them.
Light the Flower
Arcade, Puzzle
Bright, humble, and charming, with a healthy dose of slick game moves. Jeremy Lin? No, silly, this game!
Coco Loco
Arcade, Puzzle
It takes a very special kind of game to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling inside. This one does it on so many levels.
Arcade, Puzzle
Calling this game smart, clever, and beautiful is almost a disservice to its sheer brilliance. So insanely good.
Sticky Sheep
Arcade, Puzzle
When you mix pinball, pool, and miniature golf with fluffy sheep and dogs, you get something really great. You get this.
Arcade, Puzzle
There's something undeniably compelling about saccharine colors and potent explosions. This game is proof.
Diggin' Dogs
Arcade, Puzzle
Some games are adorable. Others, a blast to play. This one is both. Resistance against puppies and gold is futile.
Bubble in Paradise
Puzzle, Word
Letters and bubbles? A seemingly innocent combination, but don't be fooled: this word game plays for keeps.
1001 Ultimate Mahjong
Board, Puzzle
It's not every day you can play one of the most time-tested games in history in as creative and beautiful a way as this.
Hank Hazard
Arcade, Puzzle
Incredible graphics and level designs that will make you do doubletakes are just scratching the surface of this game.